BITGRID V: Sat Apr 21 2018 at 09:30 pm


-------- BITGRID V --------

from 21u30 till 05u00

BITGRID will be back on 21 April with a 5th edition. As usual we’re going to try to step it up a notch again. Prepare yourself for a night with some of the best chiptune acts from around the World and mindblowing visuals.



He’s not only a musician, but also a producer and an artist. Meneo is mostly famous for his awesome liveshows! He spreads energy and partyvibes across the dancefloor as no other, this all with his trusty Gameboy. He played over the entire world on stages like Dour Festival, FUSION and Mysteryland.

xyce (NL)

These guys need no introduction. We have the habit of booking international acts only once but for these lovely gentlemen from Groningen we gladly make an exception. Their joyful melodies already set fire to our dancefloor 6 years ago on our first edition and will do the same this year.

Saskrotch (US)

He’s called the king of chipbreak and he has definitely earned that title. Saskrotch has been a part of the 8bit scene for a longtime and we are truly honored to have him over from Chicago. Get ready for some powerful stuff!

Demoscene Time Machine (DE)

Demoscene Time Machine is a German 8bit artist. He’s creating highly danceable Fakebit since 2008 and will delight us with it on BITGRID. He’ll blast you off for a trip to outer space.


DEFENSE MECHANISM is a LSDJ wizard hails from America. Inspired by his fantastic live show on the Chipwrecked festival last summer, we decided to organize this edition of BITGRID. This is something you don’t want to miss and definitely will never forget.

Vikasietotila (FI)

Vikasietotila utilizes his gameboys to create some pure, raw and rugged beats as only the Finnish can. His artist name translates to ‘Safe Mode’ and chances are you’ll need to go down for a reboot after his set and enter your own Safe Mode.

4ntler (NL)

This wonderful guy solidifies our love for the chiptunemusic from our northern neighbours. He’ll kick off the evening with strong melodies and a healthy dose of joie de vivre.

S.E.M. (BE)

We are ashamed this Belgian act has never been on our stage before, but we’ll rectify it right now! S.E.M. will close the party in style with a darks set, Chiptune with a dark twist created solely on a Nintendo 3DS (DSN-12)

—– VIsuals —–


We will start the night with a open stage! With; Cyanide Dansen, Murrrlo, Vault Kid, Pain Perdu and Grizzly Cogs

—– EXTRA’S —–


For a measly 10€ you can score yourself a ticket! Do you want to contribute a bit more? 5€ extra will get you an album with music from all the artists who’ll perform at BITGRID V. Feeling generous? If you throw in an extra 20€ you’ll get the album, a poster signed by all the artists and a BITGRID t-shirt!

Shirts will be available when ordering a ticket and will not be sold at the event.

If we don’t sell out there will be tickets available at the door for 13euro

Written by Neo on 15 April 2018
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