A meeting place for hackers, nerds, geeks, cyberpunks and n0stalg1c citizens of cyberspace.


Retrospace is a place to learn and share knowledge about computers and technology. A physical gateway to cyberspace, like a computer hobby club in the 80’s and 90’s. Do you like to tinker with Linux or work on some (Arduino) micro-controller projects? Are you interested in programming with C, Python or other languages? Wanna play some retro games and reminisce about the good old NES and SNES days? Then check it. Friday. Monday.


Every Monday night from 20:00 onwards. Free for everyone.


Gemeenteplein 11
2650 Edegem

Find it on OpenStreetMap.

retrospace - Gemeenteplein 11, 2650 Edegem - Belgium - Europe - Planet Earth - Solar System - Milky Way Galaxy - Local Group - Known Universe
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